About us

"Hettrik" Ltd is a family run Bulgarian company, established in the fall of 1999. We are specialised in producing and trading of sugar products and in particular halva, Bulgarian delight, fruit sliced and tahini.

Originally started its business by offering on the market three types of halva: sunflower halva, brown nougat halva and white nougat halva, from where comes the inspiration for the name of the enterprise, named hat-trick - a triple hit. Today the products of category halva are well known in the market with the trademark "Arina".

Since 2007 the firm's range has expanded to include in the production - Bulgarian delight and fruit sliced. The production base of the company is 3,500 sq. meters and meets all European requirements for equipment for food production. The company is certified according the systems for quality management - ISO 9001 management systems and the safety of food products - ISO 22000.

These production advantages of "Hettrik" make it one of a few companies producing these sugar confectionery in Bulgaria, that offer guaranteed quality and safe product to their customers.

"Respect for the food we eat shows respect to ourselves"

So the company "Hettrik" clearly understands its responsibility as a manufacturer of food products that reach people of all ages. It could be said that the quality is difficult to define but easy to recognize, so now it is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 22000, which guarantee to our customers that our products meet the requirements for quality and safety by adopting raw materials to the finished product.

The values we share are the basis on which interpersonal relationships within the company and business relations with our partners and customers are build.

• Responsibility to personnel, because the human resource is the engine of any production. Responsible to the customer, because it gives meaning to the whole business.
• Loyalty to each partner because the business is a network in which the units are connected and dependent on each other and professional attitude towards our partners is a top priority.
• Trust, it results from the first two. With time and efficient collaboration, this is the best available prerequisite for successful business.

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